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Pauk.TV - a website re-design by graphic and UI designer Marc Dahl

Pauk.TV – Re-design for a rapper

Notorious BIG Tupac Shakur Old School Hip Hop Inspired Minimalist Poster Illustration by Marc Dahl

Notorious B.I.G & Tupac Shakur – Poster

Kobe Bryant Black Mamba 24 Lakers minimalist poster frame by Marc Dahl

Kobe Bryant Black Mamba – Minimalist Poster

Sword, Bow, Hammer, Axe, Staff, Ship, Flag, Crown, Helmet, Glove, Armour, Boot

Viking Ispired Icon Bundle

Lung Attack a HTML5 game by Marc Dahl

Lung Attack! – Arkanoid style game

Lung Attack is a hobby project of mine. It’s a game created to mainly show the prolonged affects of smoking on ones lungs.

Red Blooded Woman Poster commission by marc dahl

RBW Poster

A Soviet propaganda inspired poster commission for Daria Tkatchenko Larsen aka Red Blooded Woman


Arcadron Regular – Extended Premium Pixel Font

Extended and highly detailed pixel font supporting 210 different characters. Perfect for showcasing classic arcade game designs or for flash games.

Saikopat is very clean minimalist handwritten font with many glyphs and lots of characters support. Spacing and tracing of the letters make Saikopat very readable, without taking away it’s beauty.

Saikopat – extended font

I have created a simple, easy to read typeface called “Saikopat”.
Saikopat supports 640 characters and getting expanded further.