PAUK (ПАУК – Последний Андеграунд Устами Классика), is a known Russian rapper, with 4 studio albums and tons of unofficial tracks. He started his carrier back in the 90’s and kept going strong untill 2006, where he stopped making music. He is back now and I was chosen to help to resurrect him via a brand new visual identity, by creating album cover for his 5th upcoming studio album, creating a website and a new logo for him, together with all kinds of promotional materials.

Here are some of things I’m allowed to showcase:


Pauk_Logo_Letter_color2 Pauk_Logo_Letter_color1 Pauk_Logo_Letter_metal Pauk_Logo_Letter_color3

Some of the promotional materials and cover for the new singles:

cover3 Pauk_church_vk+web Long_vk_fire

Website (still under construction) and official group vkontakte:

vkontakte_icon website_icon

Couple of the new singles from the upcoming album:

And finally the first ever official video of the PAUK: