Picasso Interactive is a simple interactive role playing game where every taken action counts…
Play as the young Olga – Pablo Picasso’s girlfriend and try to resist his charming persona and sweet talk!

Play it on;
DeviantArt – http://fav.me/d33k728
Or run locally – http://goo.gl/HQEC6


Picasso Interactive is created to entertain and educate the young children about the great artist Pablo Picasso. This is an interactive game, meaning every action has an effect on the ending of the game, and there are several endings – some are great, and some less good. Try to make the right choice and not end up as pregnant teenager and instead get an A+ on your school test…


Picasso Interactive contains following:
– 3 main and 1 alternative secret ending
– Interactive world filled with hidden “easter eggs” (make a small bird burn, find the hiding bear and much more)
– Simple menu interface with hints that helps you through-out the game
– Amazing hand-drawn humorous background artwork


Game is targeted mainly towards pre-teen audience and created in order to educate children about taking responsibility for their actions and be more aware of dangers of unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases.