Lung Attack is a hobby project of mine. It’s a game created to mainly show the prolonged affects of smoking on ones lungs.

Lung Attack Arkanoid Style Game in HTML 5 by Marc Dahl PRESS TO PLAY LUNG ATTACK IN FULLSCREEN!



Version 0.9.0;
– Added (+1px/sec) acceleration to the ball
– Added a Title Screen, Rules and Options menu and background music (still not working properly)

Version 0.8.2;
– More realistic cigarettes
– Lung bits, infected tissue and ball had been re-designed
– Changed the background
– Health-bar now shows amount of lives left
– Game notifies you after winning or losing
– Smoke has been redone

Version 0.7.7;
– Smoke transparency been worked on
– Lung bits now turn into a dark infected tissue on impact
– Ball now looks like a ball and not a yellow square
– Added two sounds for ball collisions (walls, lung bits and player)
– Added a health bar (player now have 5 lives)

Version 0.4.2;
– Added smoke to the player (cigarette)
– Ball now acts like a ball and not a square
– Ball speed slowed down
– Player movements are now controlled by the mouse


Lung Attack a HTML5 game by Marc Dahl