I have created a simple, easy to read typeface called “Saikopat”.
Saikopat supports 640 characters and getting expanded further.
Saikopat font supports following;
– Extended Latin
– Extended Cyrillic
– Greek characters
– Czech characters
… and many more…


Extended_Handwiritten_Saikopat_font_by_Marc_Dahl_1 Extended_Handwiritten_Saikopat_font_by_Marc_Dahl_2 Extended_Handwiritten_Saikopat_font_by_Marc_Dahl_3 Extended_Handwiritten_Saikopat_font_by_Marc_Dahl_4

Saikopat is very clean minimalist handwritten font with many glyphs and lots of characters support. Spacing and tracing of the letters make Saikopat very readable, without taking away it’s beauty.