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Simple Minimalist Chess Set Download free by Graphic Designer Marc Dahl

Chess set design – Free vector download

Free Vector Chess Set Download

Pixel Chess - Minimal Chess Dimensions for a chess board - Marc Dahl

Pixel Chess – Minimal dimensions for a visually recognizable chess set

What is Pixel Chess? – Pixel Chess is my, and my father Namik Zade’s, simple attempt to see how far down can we scale a chess board digitally in…

Envelope Mock Up Free PSD download freebie graphic river

Dark Envelope MockUp Free Download

Photorealistic, Clean and easy to use Envelope Mockup. All you have to do is to edit the Smart Object inside the photoshop file and paste your design instead. For any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here in comments.

Freelance Designer Toolbox - by Marc Dahl

Independent freelancer toolbox

As a freelance designer, I usually get a lot of clients who want me to create something fast, cheap and of great quality. As some of them will never understand that they can only get two of those given options from me at the same time I usually tend to cut cost whenever I can, so here are the tools I use on almost daily basis in order to shorten the time used on the project.


Vector skulls – Freebie

Three free vector skulls


DPPS – Dahl Perspective Photoshop Styles

Free download photoshop styles


Linen generator – Photoshop action

Linen generator action for Photoshop


Social buttons – Free PSD file

Three social media buttons for free

Simple Photoshop CV Template - Page 1

Simple CV – Photoshop Template

Simple Photoshop CV Template