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Gadimov Family Photo from 1911 - after restoration

My Ancestors – Restoration Project

Pixel Chess - Minimal Chess Dimensions for a chess board - Marc Dahl

Pixel Chess – Minimal dimensions for a visually recognizable chess set

What is Pixel Chess? – Pixel Chess is my, and my father Namik Zade’s, simple attempt to see how far down can we scale a chess board digitally in…

Google Auto Awesome Random pictures by Marc Dahl

My Auto Awesome Gallery

I have been taking random photos with my phone for quite some time now, and recently noticed that my Google+ account gives me notifications about new “auto-awesome pictures” which are created by my profile. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Feeding Seagulls in Canary Islands by Marc Dahl

Seagull feeding – Canary Islands

Last summer I went to Canary Islands together with my family, and wanted to test my new Canon EOS 550D camera, on a boat trip to see the dolphins. A perfect opportunity arised when a bunch of seagulls started following the ship in order to get some food.

Empty roads

My City By Night – Through Many Filters

When I can’t sleep, I tend to take walks around my house. As I live in a town called Værløse, away from the capital – nothing really happens and there are never any people walking at night. I love it, as there is absolute tranquility and peace. I wanted to capture the feeling of silence and abandonment of my city after dark. Here are the results from my “shitty instagram” processing of pictures taken by my phone camera. Enjoy!

Freelance Designer Toolbox - by Marc Dahl

Independent freelancer toolbox

As a freelance designer, I usually get a lot of clients who want me to create something fast, cheap and of great quality. As some of them will never understand that they can only get two of those given options from me at the same time I usually tend to cut cost whenever I can, so here are the tools I use on almost daily basis in order to shorten the time used on the project.

Tripping together with Mr.White from Breaking Bad

Tripping with Walter White

A small sketch I did to honor the finale of the great series – Breaking Bad.
The wallpaper features different drugs and their molecular structure

I Love Doctors - the comic by Marc Dahl

I Love Doctors – The Comic

This spawned from an anecdote, that I’ve heard when I was around 6 years old.


Escape your thoughts – a poem

Imagine an unpleasant thought.
It drives you crazy every time it crosses your mind.
You cannot sleep, you cannot think of anything else.
The thought is always there, buried under a thin layer of your daily deeds