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Freelance Designer Toolbox - by Marc Dahl

As a freelance designer, I usually get a lot of clients who want me to create something fast, cheap and of great quality. As some of them will never understand that they can only get two of those given options from me at the same time I usually tend to cut cost whenever I can, so here are the tools I use on almost daily basis in order to shorten the time used on the project.


1. Invoice creator InvoiceMe - online tool for invoice creation
Good folk at created a simple and userfriendly tool for creating an invoice for your client online, with option to convert it to a PDF file.


2. Icon / logo showcase tool
Testico - online icon and logo showcase

Testico – is a drag and drop tool for showcasing your icon, or a logo intended to for an app in an iOS environment. This makes it much easier for the client to see how the icon / logo will actually look when used. It is also a great way to see if anything is slightly off with your product.

Testico - online icon and logo showcase


3. Typographer’s GlossaryTypographers Glossary
As a designer one has to deal with different fonts on a daily basis, usually while creating logos and researching on different font-families we tend to forget about things such as; letterform anatomy, font face type classifications, kerning, tracking, leading and more.
However people at PlayType created a huge glossary of everything you would need to get back on track when creating a logo or your own font.


4. Copyright Assignment TemplateCopyright Assignment Template by Marc Dahl
Whenever a client requests graphical work from a designer, for future commercial usage (it can be anything from a logo, decal design, single piece of artwork etc.), they tend to ask for full copyright rights over the product as well. As a freelancer (especially one without much experience or one in need of a client), one tends to give in and sign a document giving all creative and commercial ownership of the product to the client. In some cases of a “nasty” client, they can request the designer to remove the product from the designers portfolio – as they now own the full copyright to the product together with the right of showcase and distribute. For this particular case I created a simple Copyright Assignment Template , it’s a free template where it’s specifically stated that even though the copyright and commercial rights are given to the client, the designer is still is the author of the product and has the right to showcase the product as the part of their portfolio or other social media sites. Feel free to edit and use it as you please.


5. Free drag & drop game makerConstruct2 - a free drag and drop HTML5 game creator
Ever had a client who wanted you to create some kind of a simple game for their website, where you had to refuse because the task of creating even a simple game is time consuming and hard if one is not that good at coding. Well, with a Construct2 – creating games became just as simple as drag-and-dropping elements on the canvas and letting the program create the game for you. Don’t believe me, take a look at their video explaining it all in under a minute. The program is absolutely free for personal use (you can purchase a developer version if you’re pleased), and really is a blessing for people who are not confident in with code.


6. IconfinderIconfinder - find icons online
Let’s say you need to create a quick wireframe, to show the future UI of the App or webpage to your client. You however don’t know which icon you should add for (for example) the settings menu. You can just search for it at Iconfinder’s website which gives you dozens (sometimes hundreds) examples of the icon you search for. Iconfinder has a huge library of different


7. MergePDFMerge pdf files online free
Ever been in the situation of having different loose PDF documents that you would need to stitch together into a single document, but you ran out of kidneys or firstborns to sell in order to purchase any more Adobe products? MergePDF is here for the rescue – it’s a straightforward online tool where you upload your documents, set their order and download a single stitched document to your hard drive.


I really hope some of you will find something useful from the list of these tools. I’m sure you also know of and use some other tools to make your workflow easier and your products better, feel free to add to it in the comment section – I would highly appreciate that.

Also some good materials about promoting yourself on LinkedIN (in danish) –

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  1. Danny Olsen

    Wow, really great blog, i found a lot of great tools here i did not know existed. thanks man!

    • Wow thanks for sharing such tools collection…. I’m going to try that construct 2 Emulator, It is quite interesting…..

  2. Really great post. I learned a lot. Thanks!

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